Welcome to the official website for Mälarslaget 2019.

The competition will be held in both Västerås and Eskilstuna the 6-7 july.
Mälarslaget 2019 will be a Swedish Championship in the following divisions:
– Production
– Classic
– Revolver
– Production Optics

Registration opens in:

-702Days -21Hours -13Minutes -39Seconds



The match organizer reserves the rights to only pick from divisions that are competing in the Swedish Championship.

If the match don’t get full, Standard and Open shooters will be picked.

SSI Link: https://shootnscoreit.com/ipsc/match-details/7385/

Award Ceremony will be held in Eskilstuna. Approximately 1 hour after the last shot. 


Mainmatch: Saturday 6 july, Sunday 7 July

Prematch: Friday 5 july.


Level 3, Swedish Championchip – Production, Classic, Revolver and Production Optics.


14 Stations, 7 in Västerås and 7 in Eskilstuna

248 minimum rounds


Stage descriptions Mälarslaget 2019

Note that descriptions can be changed. This is just for visualization. 

Registration Fee:

950 SEK. (Lunch are NOT included)

Team Fee: 500 SEK. (Must be paid before Prematch)

Payment information: 

Swish: 1232279255

Bank giro: 5260-5078

IBAN: SE7250000000053041068036 (for our foreign competitors)

Bic-code: ESSESESS (for our foreign competitors)


Hugelsta Skyttepaviljong Eskilstuna

(WGS84: 59°22’3.1″N 16°36’51.9″E)

Stockumla Västerås

(WGS84 59°37’4.4″N 16°23’5.5″E)


All verification will be done online here at this website.




Shooting order:


Squad 1-7 will start in Västerås 08.00

Squad 8-14 will start in Eskilstuna 08.00 

Squad 15-22 will start in Västerås 13.00

Squad 22-29 will start in Eskilstuna 13.00


Squad 1-7 will start in Eskilstuna 13.00

Squad 8-14 will start in Västerås 13.00

Squad 15-22 will start in Eskilstuna 08.00

Squad 22-29 will start in Västerås 08.00

Note: That briefing will start at the stated time. So be at your stage at least 15-20 minutes before to prepare. 






Video recording may occur during the match. So if you have signed up for the match, you automatically agreeing on being recorded. If you specifically don’t want to be recorded, talk to the respective recorder.


Mälarslaget started 2017 with IPSC Smedjan and IPSC Västerås.

This years setup of match staff:

Match Director: Niklas Faltin

Range Master: Thomas Zallin

QM: Kent Stangvik and Sven Lundberg

CSO: Tobias Hårdén and Frida Holmkvist


These are the preliminary stations until IROA has approved them. Changes can occur.

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